Friday, 23 August


Opening and Viewing of Exhibition – Museum Tekstil Jakarta

Curators: Edric Ong (Malaysia), Judith Knight Achjadi (Indonesia), Manjari Nirula (India)

Designer: Bhimanto Suwastoyo (Indonesia)


Symposium – Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi

Session 1: All Around the World – Ikat Traditions from Far and Near

  • Ikats of Odisha, India – Gunjan Jain (India)
  • The ikat heritage of Baan Khampun, Ubon Ratchathani – Meechai Taesujariya (Thailand)
  • Collecting and spinning memories of Timor-Leste’s weaving heritage – Rosalia Madeira Soares, Timor Aid (Timor-Leste)
  • Uzbekistan ikat: traditional national cloth – Natalya Musina (Uzbekistan)
  • Rebozo ikat of Mexico – Arturo Estrada Hernandez (Mexico)


Gala Dinner and Fashion Show

Fashion Designers: Gunjan Jain-Vriksh (India), Lucia Catanes-Narda’s (Philippines), Meechai Taesujariya (Thailand), Melinda Omar-Melor (Malaysia), Umarova Markhamatkhon-Maru (Uzbekistan), Natrintr Choosetthawong-Siam Craft (Thailand), Didi Budiardjo (Indonesia), Lasalle College Jakarta Fashion School Graduates (Indonesia), Noesa (Indonesia),  Toraja Melo (Indonesia), Ofie Laim (Indonesia).

Saturday, 24 August


Symposium – Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi

Session 2: Unity in Diversity – Ikat Traditions and Experiences of Indonesia

  • East Sumba: Ikat handwoven textiles and sustainable economic development – Chandra Prijosusilo, Yayasan Sekar Kawung (Indonesia)
  • Bali double-ikat gringsing – Nurul Akriliyati (Indonesia)
  • Tafean Pah and the preservation of the cultural heritage of Biboki, West Timor – Maria Yovita Meta-Bastian, Yayasan Tafean Pah (Indonesia)
  • Weavers’ paths and choices in Savu – Genevieve Duggan (France) and Ice Tede Dara (Indonesia)


Session 3: Unity in Diversity – Ikat Traditions and Experiences of Indonesia

  • The ikat traditions of Palu’e – Stefan Danerek (Sweden)
  • The philosophy behind Tanimbar ikat and the beginning of conservation efforts – Hiyashinta Klise, Lamerenan Foundation (Indonesia)
  • PEKKA and Toraja Melo: collective action with rural weavers – Nani, PEKKA (Indonesia) and Dinny Jusuf, Toraja Melo (Indonesia)


Session 4: ‘Where is this from?’ – Protecting Cultural Identity

  • Troso: Shifting competition to collaboration – Tommy Utama (Indonesia)
  • Protecting cultural identity in Indonesia – Rahardi Ramelan (Indonesia)
  • Geographical Indications (GI): A powerful instrument for the protection and valorization of cultural identity and origin-linked products – Stephane Passeri (France)


Session 5: Creative Imaginings – Evolution and Innovations in Ikat

  • Lessons from Borneo: The Rumah Garie story – Edric Ong (Malaysia)
  • Narda Capuyan’s ikat revival in the Cordilleras, Philippines – Lucia Catanes, Narda’s (Philippines)
  • Innovative use of ikat in products: the appeal to millenials – Cendy Mirnaz and Annisa Hendrato, Noesa (Indonesia)

Sunday, 25 August


Breakfast with the Artisans – Museum Tekstil Jakarta

Artisans’ dialogue featuring weavers from selected ikat locations around Indonesia



Natural Dye, Textile Drapery, Textile Care Clinic

Inter-Jakarta Field Visit

Kota Tua



Eco Printing, Textile Drapery, Textile Care Clinic