Maria Yovita Meta-Bastian

Maria Yovita Meta-Bastian established Yayasan Tafean Pah in 1990 in Kefamenanu, West Timor, working towards the preservation and development of the cultural heritage of Biboki ikat textiles. Since then, she has worn numerous cultural awards, including the prestigious Upakarti award presented by President Suharto of the Republic of Indonesia in 1992. She was the first Indonesian recipient of the Prince Claus Award from the Prince Claus Fund in the Netherlands in 2003. In 2016, she received the Anugerah Kebudayaan Kategori Pelestari (Cultural Award in the category of Preserver) from the Education and Culture Ministry of the Indonesian Government.


Yayasan Tafean Pah has participated in exhibitions and workshops, within Indonesia and abroad in Australia and India. Its publications include a documentation of 43 Biboki ikat motifs, published in 2009 and intended to be a resource for future generations, whilst its programmes include the Training Young Weavers programme where schoolchildren are taught to weave by experienced weavers.