Ice Tede Dara

Ice Tede Dara was born in 1987 and spent her childhood in the house of her maternal grandmother. She started to weave at the age of six, starting with small belts then larger pieces. At the age of eight, she attended primary school and learnt the ikat process for easy border motifs. In order to attend high school, she moved to the house of her mother in the main town of Seba. During this time, she continued to ikat patterns and to weave to help her mother pay for school fees.


She received private sponsorship to study economics, accounting and finance at the Nusa Cendana University in Kupang, West Timor but she continued to tie threads in her free time for pocket money. After graduating as a teacher in 2012, she began teaching at a secondary school near her grandmother’s house. She married and took up the role of secretary in Tewuni Rai, the weavers’ cooperative of her village dedicated to the conservation of traditional textiles and natural dyes. Since 2013, she has attended conferences and exhibitions in Jakarta, Indonesia and Chiang Mai, Thailand. She now has two sons and a daughter and finds she hardly has the time to weave.