Geneviève Duggan

Geneviève Duggan’s interest in the textile traditions of Indonesia began in 1988 upon her arrival in Indonesia. She subsequently graduated with a Masters in Ethnology from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, with her thesis published under the title Ikats of Savu: women weaving history in eastern Indonesia (Bangkok: White Lotus, 2011). She obtained a Ph.D. in anthropology from the National University of Singapore on the Process of memory in a society with no written traditions (2008), which won the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Award in 2009. She was then attached to the Institute of South-east Asian Studies, Singapore from 2010 to 2013.


As the honorary curator of the exhibition Woven Stories at Museum Tekstil Jakarta in 2013, she wrote the catalogue Woven stories: traditional textiles from Kabupaten Savu Raijua (Jakarta: Textile Museum, 2013). Her recent publications include Trading ancient networks: linguistics, hand-woven cloths and looms in eastern Indonesia in Ancient Silk Trade Routes (Singapore: World Scientifique: 53-83, 2015); Heritage weaving: tense present and uncertain future, co-authored with Ice Tede Dara in Textiles Asia (Hong Kong: vol 7 no 3: 16-24, 2016); A note about hand-woven cloths with a continuous warp in eastern Indonesia in Archipel (Paris: no 93: 119-132, 2017); and Savu: History and oral tradition in an island of Indonesia, co-authored with Hans Hägerdal (Singapore: NUS Press, 2018).