Arturo Estrada Hernandez

Arturo Estrada Hernandez is a master dyer and backstrap weaver from Santa Maria del Rio in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. He has been creating rebozos, the traditional Mexican garment, for 38 years. Rebozos are women’s rectangular shawls with hand-knotted fringes and have come to represent femininity and to symbolise nationhood in Mexico. His silk rebozos are made with different threads, colours and designs using his own process and are named after the source of their inspiration.


He has exhibited and demonstrated his craft within and outside of Mexico, including at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. His pieces have been part of the WITS exhibition since 2016. With the support of the San Luis Potosi government, he also gives classes to young people, passing onto the younger generation the skills involved in making rebozos.