Bhimanto Suwastoyo

Bhimanto Suwastoyo first came into possession of an ikat textile in an East Sumba village in the 1980s. Since then, traditional Indonesian textiles, especially ikat, have been his passion. He is a journalist with over 30 years of experience working with various media platforms. His extensive travels across the archipelago as a correspondent for Agence France-Presse for more than two decades have allowed him not only to gain a deeper understanding of the multitude of cultures alive in his country but also to build his personal collection of traditional textiles.


He has chaired Perkumpulan Wastra Indonesia, an association of traditional Indonesian textile enthusiasts from a broad range of backgrounds, since 2017. He has been actively involved in the design and execution of a number of textile exhibitions and textile-related activities, including at Museum Tekstil Jakarta and at the inaugural Festival Tenun Nusantara (Indonesia Weaving Festival) in North Sumatra in 2018.